Today the Boisvert Brothers and their team came to take down the giant White Pines that have been watchers over this land and house for a very long time.. they were a valued , but potentially dangerous friend to our family and those who came before us. These gentlemen know their stuff. I was mesmerized by their skill and dare I say grace handling these enormous behemoths, the sheer size and weight was mind baffling. Mike told me they would be here at 7:30… they were here with chainsaws lined up and at the ready at 7:21 AM. Mike runs a tight ship and is most professional, but at the same time, you could see even though these guys were working wicked hard, they seemed to almost enjoy it at times , and the teamwork was a thing to watch. They also accommodated my special needs with out a hitch or raised eyebrow, and I asked for a lot! I would recommend these guys highly…Well done fellows, and thank you !


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