5 types of Common New Hampshire Trees

NH is home to many native trees that make up our luscious, beautiful forests. Here are 5 of the most common types of trees found in New Hampshire:

#1 Sugar Maple

NH is one of the biggest exporters of maple syrup, so knowing where the tasty sugary goodness comes from is important! Sugar maple trees, also known as Acer saccharum, produce the richest, most amount of maple sap that can be later boiled and cooked into maple syrup. They also turn gorgeous colors of red, orange, and yellow in the fall.

#2 Elm

Elm trees are known for their vast and wide canopies, and are largely seen as an ornamental tree. Native to this area, elm trees make up a lot of our forest, and are deciduous trees that also turn color in the cooler autumn months, taking on a beautiful golden color.

#3 Hemlock

The Eastern hemlock is an evergreen tree that you’ve likely seen a lot of living in New Hampshire. Hemlock is a slow-growing tree that reaches maturity at 250-300 years, though can live for 800 or more years. Our hemlocks are under threat by an aphid called the hemlock wooly adelgid. This tree can be very susceptible to fires due to its shallow roots and heavy litter deposits. Still, cut a piece of foliage from a hemlock tree, and you’ll know that Christmas evergreen smell!

#4 Hoptree

Hoptree, or Ptelea trifoliata, is a deciduous shrub (rather than a full tall tree) with dense foliage, often used as a privacy hedge or fence. This “tree” can grow 15-20 ft wide and tall, and enjoys partial sun or shade. Its flowers and leaves give off a faint lemony odor when crushed. It’s a slow growing plant that doesn’t require a lot of pruning.

#5 White Ash

White ash, American ash, or Fraxinus americana, is a tree native to eastern North America, which includes New Hampshire. It is a hardwood tree that provides wonderful shade for many parks, and turns gorgeous colors in the autumn months. It grows to be 50’-80’ tall, spreading about 40’-50’, and loves full sun. However, the white ash tree is under attack by the emerald ash borer pest, which is destroying ash trees across the United States.

Which NH native tree is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

5 types of Common New Hampshire Trees

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