Cartoon house with tree in front of it

Whether you need one tree or a whole yard full of trees removed, our staff has the equipment and knowledge to do the job right the first time. Fully insured, we can make sure your yard and your home are undamaged and unscathed.

Tree removal can be tricky. Sometimes, a tree may need to be removed from a delicate area, such as over a leech field or where a septic system may lie. If heavy equipment is out of the question for a job like this, we have a staff of climbers who will complete the job.

When to know if a tree needs to be removed

Trees are beautiful additions to any property, and no doubt help filter out noise from roadways, as well as help supply the environment with rich oxygen. However, sometimes trees can be dangerous to structures around it, or threaten endangerment for you or your family members. Something as simple as a limb falling from a tree can have catastrophic consequences for you or your property.

A tree can look questionable, even if it isn’t dead. If a tree’s roots are interfering with your foundation of your home, or potentially going to interfere with your foundation, it may be time to call us to consider removing that tree.

Dead trees and trees with risky limbs that may fall and damage your property during high winds or heavy snowfall can also be the kind of trees to look out for. Trees that have an unnatural lean to them, look “rotted” or “eaten away”, have cracks or cavities in the base of the trunk, or constantly has falling branches may be worth removing. High pines that tower over your home may be necessary to trim or remove for insurance purposes.

Whichever your tree may be, we have the certified people and equipment to make sure the job is done right