A cartoon stump

Stump grinding can be an important part of tree removal. Don’t like an unsightly stump in your yard? Stumps can take years to properly break down in nature, and by grinding a stump down, we can kick start that process, while also removing any unsightly bulges of tree stumps in your yard.

Once a tree is removed from your yard, Boisvert Brothers Tree Service has the necessary equipment to grind the stumps 12″ below ground level so you can fill in the area or level your yard. The byproduct of stump grinding is wood chips (much like mulch), which can easily break down naturally. We can also grind out any large tree roots that may interfere with filling your yard and leveling it.

Stump grinding

The alternative is a removal with a backhoe, which is more costly and does more damage to your landscape. If your stump is on a delicate area such as a leach field or over a septic tank, you may not want heavy equipment on top of these areas.

Why remove a stump?

Stumps can be ugly, as well as dangerous to your family. If you removed a tree in the middle of your yard, a stump can pose a trip hazard to children or pets that may run in the yard. Stumps are also difficult to maneuver around, which may make it more difficult for you if you want to mow your lawn.

Stumps that are left behind may also cause new tree growth, as well as insects that may be interested in camping out in the wet, deteriorating wood. If this is near your home, the stump may attract termites, which can transfer into the wood of your home.

If you don’t have a large yard, you may need all the space you can get, why let a stump hog all the room? Contact us today to schedule your stump grinding.