I really enjoyed working with Boisvert Brothers on getting a tree removed. After not getting service from another company for months, this company came out with a quote within a couple days. I got a 100ft Pine removed in a gully that required a crane and although they were not the cheapest option they were very close. I really appreciate how they undersold and over delivered. They told me it was a busy season and the latest they completed the job was 10 weeks from the day of the quote. After signing the contract I got a call in a week and they came out. These guys were professionals and really have tree removal down to a science. A team of 4 came out with one in the tree, one in the crane and two on the ground. They cut my single 100ft Pine tree down in less than 60 minutes. Between set up and break down they were on my property for no more than 90 minutes It was impressive. They did need to drive the crane on my lawn and it did minimal damage. These guys are great at what they do and have great customer service – I would definitely use them again.

J – 2

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